Just a Little Under

With A big night planned for tonight I did my “long run” run this morning. I didn’t quite make the 20km for the week, the “Long run” I had planned turned out to only be 9km not 10. Felt all right and pace was up a bit on last week. The hills on the home stretched almost floored me, on a less motivated day I would have been walking.

Sore one other jogger this morning, he didn’t look up for an aknowledging nod, is that poor form? He was on the other side of the road. I don’t think I quite look the part of a serious jogger yet. My clothes aren’t sporty enough and my build/weight certainly gives off the wrong impression.

Think I will stick to the same routine next week and see if my pace improves after another successful “long run”



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2 responses to “Just a Little Under

  1. brucer

    your clothes etc will not matter – the person who did not acknowledge = poor form. the most important thing is yoiu are having a go – keep going

  2. Spark Driver

    Just be your self. If the other jogger won’t acknowledge you it is their loss. Keep it up 🙂

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