The Freedom

When you like numbers, The Garmin is great. I went on a long run today (14km yay me!) on a totally unplanned route (except for start and destination). I knew roughly how far it was by using google earth measuring tool, but just being able to choose a route on the fly and still have the distance travelled was awesome.

I must say the software SportsTracks was awesome too, just downloaded the running session and then BAM! up comes the satellite image with the exact route. Talk about spiffy technology. I am not sure that analysing km splits or pacing is going to improve my running (I am not a serious competitor) but it is just interesting to look at.

The pace alert was food too, I set it on 5.30 min/km so that I didn’t go too fast, and a couple of times I hit it and went woah, slow down there speedy! or you won’t make it home.



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3 responses to “The Freedom

  1. Steve

    Welcome to the world of GPS and running. The 301 mixed with SportTracks and you can analyse your runs any which way you want.

    I have my alert set to 20 mins. This is especially useful on long runs and prompts me to drink and/or take gel.

  2. miners

    Having fun with blogging? Garmins are great fun too though aren’t they? amazing the stuff they can do for you

    Oh and yes, I agree with you about the value of the long run (and not just for the smiles they give you). Best running tool in the repertoire!

  3. brucer

    sounds like the 301 is the thing to get – enjoy

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