Fist Pumping Celebrations

Surfing the internet last night on the SA road runners website I found a nice calander of the running events in Adelaide. There is a fun run this weekend and I thought that the 5km run would be a good opportunity to set a new sub 30min PB, and be my first fun run since the City to Bay, I even went as far as printing off an entry form.

Needless to say when I headed out this morning I had almost forgotten the dissapointing long run of Sunday with a new goal in mind. I set out at a deliberately faster pace then normal, with the aim of running a consistent pace over the entire 5k instead of gradually increasing it over the distance which is what I seem to subconciously do. I didn’t look at the Garmin once (after checking the first 1k split, 6:28mins), until halfway through my warmdown walk/jog. Seeing a Time of 29″34′ brought about a big grin and some fist pumping into the warm pre-dawn air.

But what does this mean for Sunday’s Fun Run, what should I aim for there now? On a relatively flatter track maybe I could go sub 29 mins and be closer to my 2006 goal? Maybe I should enter the 10K and just use it as my long run, but I think I want to start out with something easy and achievable for my first semi-group run so failure does not even enter my mind.



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6 responses to “Fist Pumping Celebrations

  1. Spark Driver

    Well done on the PB. Every goal is worth celebrating.
    My first race was a 5km then I worked up to a 10km. Adding extra k’s when you are ready makes the trip more enjoyable.

  2. blkbox

    Great PB – well done. I would do the 5K and have some fun, from small steps …….. as they say

  3. brucer

    seems like you are realy enjoying your running and getting excited re the weekend. be careful that you do not push too hard and get an injury. enjoy the journey to your goals.
    PS the SARRC is worth joining – you get cheaper entry fees and other benefits – training groups etc.
    all the best – see you at the races

  4. Ellie80

    Hi there – great work with the pb – I am starting to like the idea of these garmin things… do you find it easy to use?

  5. Simlin

    Yep, real easy. Just let it aquire enough satellites, reset from previous run, press start and off you go! Being obsessive compulsive about kms and times it is great if you just want to go running, choosing a route on the fly.
    Of course if you want to do other stuff with it you can, auto-laps at set distances, speed alerts if you are going too fast or slow, auto-pause if you stop, interval timers etc. I haven’t even looked at using half the features yet!
    If you can afford it, to spoil yourself etc, might I suggest a 205 or 305…because they look really good. I got a 201 because it was cheap.

  6. Miss Gazelle

    Great to see you are so motivated Simlin. Also good to see you ignored the little donkeys calling out names. It’s just not worth the aggravation in the long run. Just wait until you get your first projectile from a car. That’s enough to make the blood boil šŸ™‚

    Keep up the running. It just keeps getting easier.

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