Gravity, my friend.

Gravity must be the best physics law ever. I love that feeling I get when i’m powering up a hill and as I come to and over the crest I can feel my stride lengthening and…over I go…it just seems that I am now hurtling at a frightning pace down the other side as gravity takes hold.

After my usual 40min exercise biking on Wednesday evening, I set out this morning to go for a midweek longer run, just to try it on and see how it feels. It felt great. A little over 7k in a little over 45mins.

I am a little more committed to the Greenbelt HM in May now, but will need to step up training through the later half of this month to feel ready for it, increase the kms, especially on long runs. Almost ready to join SARRC now, we will see, I still plan to head down to the fun run on Sunday to trundle around 5kms. Hopefully everyone is friendly and if so, they may just be blessed with my membership ;O).

Ordering a Coolrunning cap today, despite reservations that it will be too small (shallow) for my big head, refer dorky profile photo which I will update once said cap arrives.


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