Growing Confidence

Feeling quite confident about completing my first half marathon in 8 weeks after the weekends long run, a couple more long runs building up the kms and hopefully I’ll be there at the finish line, and looking at my pace it should be under 2.5 hours.

Confidence that I can do it is growing bigger everydayFor instance, today I ran 7k and it felt like the easiest 7k of my life (which wouldn’t be hard) but I felt good, it was just a relaxed jog at about 6.5min/km though I pushed a little at the start of Macca’s hill just to test out the legs.

Had a really good play around with sportstracks and discovered it can actually do all I want it to do (and more). It doesn’t have the flexibility of being able to graph or play around with what ever you want, but other features out way this and it is in an easier format to manage. Therefore yesterday I transferred all the runs from my excel spreadsheet to sportstracks (luckily there were only 70) and the numbers add up which means I didn’t make any mistakes.

Training plan for the rest of the week:
Wednesday – 40 min cross training on exercise bike.
Thursday – moderate run 9km.
Friday – easy run 5 or 7 km depending on mood.
Sunday – long run 17-18km.


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One response to “Growing Confidence

  1. RoyalKangas

    yey! I discovered Sports tracks a couple of week ago too thanks to Steven, and I really like it.

    Isn’t it great when 7k is easy. Or when it’s only a 7k? Running a 7k for me now is easier then running my first 2 minutes was.

    Keep it up, if you make your Sunday run, you will make the half no problem (or so I am told).

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