Just another day.

Treated myself to a 9km run this morning…well it is my Birthday after
all. Went out at a reasonable pace, judging from my 1km splits, I was
gradually increasing the pace over 3km then I dropping back as I knew I
was going to fast but then it would start increasing again. Didn’t
really push it going up the first of the two hills on the home stretch
and only pushed a little on the second. I still had plenty left in the
tank at the end so that boosts my confidence in a sub 60min 10k.
Average pace today was 6:19min/k and total time for 9.04km was
I have been researching some trail running in the Hills, looking for
some nice trails to run. I am thinking that the Yurrebilla Trail might be the best (with detours onto the Heysen Trail) and will be trying it out next weekend I think. Looking forward to some challenging steep hills!



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5 responses to “Just another day.

  1. R2B

    so how do you feel after 6 months of running?

  2. RoyalKangas

    I thought you said you were slow like me!

    Happy birthday my fellow fish.

  3. Rachel

    Happy Birthday
    9km run, what a treat!

  4. Ellie80

    happy birthday! another piscean – must be a good sort 😉

  5. speedygeoff

    24? just a baby, Hey you have 18 more years before you peak!

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