Motivation Low Point

Well, I wouldn’t say that I am prone to bouts of depression, but I feel I am slipping that way right now. After that rear ending of my car last month, someone broke into our house and stole all of our electrical and jewelry on Tuesday, no big deal we still had our new bed suite coming on Wednesday to look forward too so I took the day off work. The CSI team after coming 2hrs late finally left at lunch time and I thought, no point going to work, the stuff will be delivered this afternoon. I called to confirm delivery…All OK. Got a call at 3:30pm from the delivery guys…they were in Penfield, ~30k, away form Enfield where it was supposed to go and there was no way it was coming till Friday!
OK now I was getting a little depressed and getting out of bed this morning was tough (half an hour later than planned) I got up and reschedule the run to 5km (time trial). Went out side to warm up and the Garmin would got stuck on 3/4 locating and wouldn’t turn off etc. Ended up running an untimed time-trial (felt like I did a PB but no one will ever know) later looked up a thread I saw on coolrunning and discovered that this fault was probably fatal. Damn!!!!!!! Just bought it…from a dealer on Ebay…and I remember reading somewhere that this voids the warranty…will need further investigation but I really am not feeling like doing anything right now other than curling up asleep in bed. I wish they had stolen the Garmin!

Anyway, 5km today in what I suspect was 28min but will say sub 30min.



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12 responses to “Motivation Low Point

  1. Gronk

    Put it down to a bad day mate. We all get them.

    Set yourself some goals, both long term and short.

    Running is fun ! Sometimes we need to be reminded of that.

    At times when I lose my mojo, I leave the watch at home. No pressure, no expectations of times of pace etc.

    I’ve got you im my Bloglines sights now and will do my best to give you a nudge every now and then.

    Take care and keep running !

  2. Ellie80

    oh no – that really sucks!! i can really empathise with that feeling that you could slip into that rut and everything just isn’t going your way.

    on the plus side you are still running. and that could be the endorphin boost you need. and you seem to be going pretty amazingly towards your goals!

    good luck with the garmin!!

  3. Simlin

    Cheers Gronk.

    I put it down to more than a day. I easily shake of most things but the weight of them building up (some not mentioned in post) is starting to get to me now. We had our gas shut off (plugged, no hot water cooking etc) for 5 days because of a typo on their system, we had our phone cut-off because all our bills were being sent to our old address regardless of giving them updated one. I think I am just having a bad year.

  4. plu

    Hi Simlin,

    Have a goal is one thing but it is also important to have a degree of intrinsic motivation. In the past when I stopped getting PBs I was in a slump and I thew away the watch for everything for 3 years. The Garmin is the modern day equilivant.

    Also I think we need to have periodisaion in our running. By this I mean we need breaks. Even a 4 month build up to a marathon has a week of easy running. Also through the year you need time out where you don’t run or only run when you feel like it. Let me asure you there will be times after a break where you will be itching to get out again.

    Finally you just get tired with life and running. I am sitting here exhausted and feel I should go out and not sure if I will. It is all perfectly normal to experience what you are feeling.

    Cheers Plu

  5. RoyalKangas

    Aww crappy…I’ve had that too, when all you need is for the condo to burn down and that’s it.

    I run to add miles, not to get faster.

  6. RunDave

    But they did steal the Garmin 😉 if you know what I mean.

    Have a few days rest. I always find that if I push things when I’m at these low points, I tend to get sick very soon afterwards.

    Where in Adelaide do you work? If you want to meet up for a run at lunchtime or in the morning, I might be able to do one next week. I’m trying to come back from injury at the moment so I’m taking things easy. Alternatively, you could join up with one of the many running groups at SA road runners.

  7. blkbox

    There are some mean buggers out there – thankfully not on CR.

    Keep your chin up mate – could have been worse they could have taken off with your runners!

    Seriously, life can be a really struggle at times, but then one thing will chnage it all around and you will be able to look back and smile.

  8. Spark Driver

    Its a pity to hear that a few shitty things have gotten you down at the moment. Your training has been going so well up to date. Go out to do it just to have fun.

  9. Rachel

    Hey bro,

    Time for a holiday I think! Spare bed at my place anytime 🙂 Easter in Mildura is awesome. Beautiful weather plus there’s the ski race, rowing regatta, motorcross, basketball. Heaps of people in town. It’ll be great 🙂

  10. blkbox

    I am having trouble sending you an email via CR – mail returned because of unknown address – have you a new email address ??

  11. Simlin

    No, but Rachel just informed me of same problem, it appears that on Wednesday when cancelling my old dial up email accounts bigpond may have also cancelled my broadband email account. Yay, but at least my footy team won last night and after running it flat then charging it up agin my Garmin appeared to work last night (haven’t tried locking onto satellites yet). Why don’t forerunners have a reset button? All computers need them!

  12. Ellie80

    go the eagles!!!

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