Back on the Horse

It was time to get back kon that horse.
First evening run in over 3 months and I went out easy at a 6:30 pace up the hill (with the Garmin on, yes it worked!). The second k up the hill was a 6:20 then I was blinded, all I could see in front of me was a 5k PB and nothing else would do. (I know all you lovely people who offered advice and thought I might be over training are now cringing) I lifted the tempo and covered the 3rd k in 5:31. Next thing Rammstein Du Hast came on the MP3 player and I maintained the heightened tempo thinking all the way “Yes I hate you theiving bastards and next time you better have your running shoes because I will chase you all the way to Melbourne!”. Needless to say I covered the 4th k in 5:29. Then there was the final k, well with the end in sight, the rain now driving hard into my screwed up squinted eyed face a went like a mad man…and boy was it the best feeling run I have ever done…I will sleep well tonight! (On my new bed, which finally arrived today, hard matress, just the way I like it) Well, I finished it off in possibly the fastest split I have recorder a 5:04 Giving me a PB of 29:09 for 5.03km route (a sub 29min 5k!).

What I learnt from my run.
Running in the rain is invigourating!
Running is great for releasing anger, frustration, anxiety and stress!
I can consistently run 5:30 splits and on a flat course hopefully can attain my 2006 5k goal this year.

What Garmin should learn.
All computer related equipment that I know of are prone to freeze up…SO IT MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA TO BUILD IN A RESET BUTTON! so that you don’t have to wait for the battery to run flat for the unit to turn off so that you can reload the firmware!

Just to appease all those much wiser people out there…I will not be doing a long run this weekend. Maybe a short one 10k or so, there is a SARRC 10K event on Sunday, though Saturday night at Faker and Friends Birthday is likely to be a late one so an early start is not likely on Sunday.

I needed that run so bad.

So the month that was.
March 148.7km 17hr.
5 weeks to my first Half Marathon.
I am ready.



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5 responses to “Back on the Horse

  1. RoyalKangas

    Whooo, you have come a long way in a month in regards to your feelings about the half. You’re there! You’ll do great…and you an no longer run with me (you know, if you are up on my half of the planet), you are too fast!

  2. Rachel

    Congrats on the PB Simon πŸ™‚

    Good idea cutting out the log run this week. Can I also suggest working out a training plan for the next 5 weeks which includes a three week build up after this little taper followed by at least a week taper before the half where you don’t do any more long runs.
    Good luck!

    Have fun at Faker πŸ™‚

  3. Simlin

    I all ready have a plan, borrowed mainly from Runners World/Pat Carrol. I will post it with the next post just to remind myself to stick to it!

  4. R2B

    Your going well mate!
    Remember to make sure your early goals are fairly easy to achieve before you venture too far out.
    This will give you a boost when times are tough in a race etc.

    Cheers R2B

  5. Spark Driver

    I always find my running time a good stress relief too.

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