First Fun Run

Well, after having an internal debate in my head early this morning in bed, I finally got up and got my arse down to Clarrisbrook Reserve for an SARRC fun run. Didn’t know what to expect so rocked up nice and early (thanks to daylight saving finishing) and got my late entry in. Seemed like a decent turn out to me and the weather was nice and crisp. The course is a windy 5k loop on gravel paths with a few very short ups and downs, but I was determined to do 10k so 2 laps for me it was.
Started at the back of the pack and there wasn’t too much congestion before everyone found their pace. I had my first split at 6min exactly, wow bang on pace! Then the old beginner mistake of not running your own race sunk in and I wass trailing this pair who seemed to be going about the pace I wanted to go. Well, next split was 5:18. Crap, better slow down, so I let them slowly move away from me and fell into a nice rythm with a 5:59 and a 5:57 then a 6:13 to finish the first lap in my second fastest 5k! The affects of that 2k 5:18 started to take their toll and I slipped in behind another runner to pull me through the next three ks with 6:13, 6:17 and 6:07 now the end was in sight and I picked up the pace with 3 sub 6min kilometers to finish off in a major 10k PB of 62min13sec. (that’s 6min30sec of my PB!).
Now my garmin (piece of crap, no no I really do love you forerunner) registered 10.4k, only 400metres off, that is not bad I suppose (4% error) but it means my splits might not be entirely accurate as I did not hit the lap button past every k marker.

Anyway it was a good run, and My race number was the first to be pulled out of the hat at the lucky draw, unfortunatley it was for 2 free pizza hut pizzas and not the shoes from joggers world.



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8 responses to “First Fun Run

  1. RoyalKangas

    That’s awesome! I’ve gotten caught up in the group pace…hard to slow down.

    It may not be Garmin, I’ve run a few races where the course is not the perfect distance.

    Great job on the PB, that’s huge!

  2. Rachel

    That’s an awesome PB! Congrats:)
    If your Garmin is right just think what your 10k PB is then! Sub 60mins not far away I think.

  3. blkbox

    Well done on the PB

  4. Simlin

    I trust my garmin, on straight roads but todays course was awefully snakey through parkland, so I don’t think it would be as accurate as running in straight lines.
    You just have to look at the satellite overlay to see how much it is off in some places over the two laps.

  5. Gronk

    A 6 min PB is just awsome mate ! Well done. 🙂

  6. Spark Driver

    Sounds like you had a fun time. It will make the memories of your first race that more special.

    Pity the prize was for pizza and not new shoes or even a car.

  7. Ellie80

    congrats! an official PB! i want one of them!

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