10k Recovery

Took advantage of going late to work today toget in an extra long run this morning withouthaving to get up really early. I struggled out of bed just after 6amand set about a recovery run, decided on my normal 9km route but adding the first hill at the end as well as at the beginning, stretching out the run to 10km. Pushed each hill section (about 4) a little harder, and recovered on the downhill. The run felt really good and didn’t tire me out too much. I coasted along at just below 7min/k.

Summary of March.
Distance: 149km
Time: 2hr9min
Weight: 120.6kg (4/1/06 : 126.4kg)



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2 responses to “10k Recovery

  1. Spark Driver

    Sounds like a good solid run.

    I just noticed your 5.8kg weight lose since January. Well Done!

  2. R2B

    i noticed the weight loss too..and the 10k pb…well done
    your getting there!

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