Risky Recovery

I have been feeling a bit off lately, like a flu is trying to take hold,
so I have been drinking Litres of water before bed and laying of the
physical excursion in an attempt to stop anything taking hold in the
chest, throat or rhino area. Success so far with only cloudy minds and
what feels like sinus pain. So in tempting fate I went out for a risky
recovery run this morning in the drizzle of pre-dawn. I wanted to do
10k, but I also didn’t want to weaken my bodies defences in case the flu
was just biding its time. Ended up doing 7k at long run pace.
Was this the right thing to do…only time will tell…if I am in bed
all tomorrow with any number of chest and throat infections I will add a
entry telling myself, “I told you so”. But, after all the food binging
and lack of exercise I have been doing over the last couple of days I
just had to get out there.
I was watching “Amazing Medical Stories” last night and they had a 340kg
man who had been in bed for 7 years. One night he was making dinner for
him and his wife when his knees just gave out and could no longer
support his weight. He crawled into bed and stayed there for 7 years
till he was taken to a nursing home for morbidly obese people where he
died not long after. Now I have one question: “who the hell was giving
him the food!”. What was his wife thinking that diet pepsi, potato
chips and hamburgers were a good idea to give him because he wanted
them? Surely she could see that she was killing him.
Anyway better stop with the potato chips and steak burgers like last
nights dinner. Maybe I should start blogging what I eat, but that would
just down right disgust me I think!



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3 responses to “Risky Recovery

  1. Rachel

    I know what you mean about the cold. I feel the same way at the moment and you should see what I’ve eaten over the last week! Chicken parma, chips, tim tam cake, twisties, easter eggs, more chips, cream and oil!

  2. blkbox

    I kept a food diary when I was on the weight watcher diet – it does help keep in perspective what you eat and makes you think about what you should eat.

  3. Ellie80

    yeah that show freaked me out too. i didn’t think it was a particularly positive thing to be showing – especially without a happy ending.

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