First Vitorian Run

My first run outside of Adelaide today with a 10k easy run around Mildura at an average of 6:50min/km… Rachel tagged along. I set the pace, which I think was a bit slow for her because she did mutter,” I could run 20k at this pace”, to which I replied, “that is the Idea!” It was good to get out there and run around relatively unfamiliar surroundings, I think I will be on my own for the long run on sunday though, but where to run? I could run all the way around this town and still not be at 20k and I really don’t like running loops…It is too easy to stop when you go past home after one loop! Gee lucky we got out there early this morning it is now bucketting down with rain! Who said it never rains here! Anyway, feel good, no niggles to speak of…I will be happy when i have another 20k training run in the legs because the memory of the last one is starting to fade and I am beginning to worry againg that I may not be able to make the distance!


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