Apparently I have been Tagged

Not sure how this is supposed to work. I was tagged by Blkbox so I will answer the 11 questions.
1. What time of day do you run?
I run during the week at sometime around 5:30am and on sunday at what ever time I wake up, usually 6am.
2. What are your favourite runs?
Any run I finish is a favourite run, but my favourite run so far would have to be yesterday…it was exciting at least (see yesterdays post)
3. What is your favorite song to run to?
I like to listen to new music on runs, because I don’t normally get m uch time to listen to it normally, or I listen to songs by bands I am going to be seeing soon. If it was a song to get me moving up a hill etc it would have to be The Living End, Don’t Shut the Gate or Carry Me Home.

4. What book are you reading at the moment?
David Eddings for the (who can remember) time and R4YL magazine.

5. When did you start running?
July 2005. (Seriously) On and off for the last couple of years, mostly off and not very seriously. Started for some unknown reason because an Idea popped into my head that it would be good to do the city to bay 12k run. I continue to try and have a healthier lifestyle…and also enjoy other benifits)

6. What’s your post-race/post-run ritual?
Walk to the end of the street and back, stretch, hang my shirt on the line, download run from Garmin to computer, weigh my self, start rehydration (weight gives guide to how much) then Blog it! of course.

7. What do you eat before you run?
Nothing, I just want to get out and do it as soon as I get up.

8. What’s your favorite running accessory?
My Garmin of course, closely followed by my Blog!

9. What’s your motivation for running? (or why you first started running)
No Idea why I started, why I keep going…it makes me feel good, I am losing weight, I have more energy at work after getting up earlier and going for a run. (Don’t figure)

10. What are your running shoes?
Some crappy cheap Nike Running Shoes, not sure what style, but I realise now that they probably have no cushioning in the front of the foot. Next purchase is definately a new pair before there is some serious damage to my legs.

11. What is your next running goal?
Finish two half marathons next month then start some sort of program to build up to my first marathon next year including a PB in the City to Bay.

Won’t tag everybody but will tag – Rachel49 and Royalkangas



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3 responses to “Apparently I have been Tagged

  1. R2B

    My god everones been infected by this tag thing,lol!
    Good answers Simon,how much weight have you lost so far?

    Cheers R2B

  2. Tesso

    Hey simlin, just found out you were my fellow Team J member Rachel’s brother so though I’d drop by and say hello. And what timing, I got to find out so much in just one post.

    I like your goals but am worried about those shoes!!!! I’ll try not to sound like I’m nagging but its soooooo important to be running in the correct shoe, especially when you are planning to up the distances. The injury bench is crowded enough as it is!

  3. RoyalKangas

    I knew I was up even before I saw my name! lol

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