Lesson Number 2 learnt

Can’t remember what lesson number 1 was but it is back in the posts somewhere.
Edit Lesson 1: If you are going to run harder than normal don’t expect to find hills easy
Lesson Number 2 is, don’t run too close after dinner.
Decided this morning to wait another half day after a poorly monday evening so set out for a 10k evening run 8:15pm. Big mistake. had to walk after 4k to stop the onset of regurgitation and then my heart was never in it…but my stomache was…coming home in a shortened 9k 1hr8min on the watch. Lesson Learnt. I will stick to my early morning runs.



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2 responses to “Lesson Number 2 learnt

  1. Rachel

    You could try eating a lighter dinner and snacking after your run.

  2. AlsoRan

    As your sister says, light dinner might be OK for you.

    I sometimes start my long run at about 8:15pm. Through trial & error I found that I can eat half my dinner 2 hours before the run (although it’s hard to walk away from a half eaten meal!) and finish dinner feeling triumphant after the run.

    I like to have the option of running morning, noon or night.

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