Dreaded Leg Cramp

Well, the dreaded calf leg cramp in the middle of the night struck me again last night. Not so frightening for me, but when you share a bed with someone and wake up basically screaming, I imagine that is quite frightening. Any way after that happened I reset my alarm for 7:30am as I knew my leg would be too sore to run the 10k this morning (from experience) How common is this sleeping cramp and what causes it? I don’t know but my leg is sure sore this morning and I have been doing a few stretches to try and get it right for another evening run…not after a big dinner though. Will post again after that.



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4 responses to “Dreaded Leg Cramp

  1. The Owl

    Had the same problem Simlin. Awful isn’t it! Magnesium works a treat. I just got the Blackmores stuff. I know others who have had good results with Magnesium too. If it happens during a run a bit of sports drink containing magnesium works wonders. All the best

  2. RoyalKangas

    I use to have crazy cramps in my quads when I was bodybuilding. I really never found anything that worked and eventually they just disappeared.

  3. 2P

    What Owly said – I use the Blackmores complex one – it’s a bit of a horse tablet but well worth it 😉

    The old people say Quinine is good for night cramps too.

  4. Spark Driver

    I do get leg cramps from time to time. Nothing too severe as I can normally stretch them out. Good luck with this one.

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