2 from 2

So missed this mornings run again. Was semi-awake last night when I tried to shift positions resulting in a cramp in my right calf (That is 2 legs, 2 nights)! Oh the pain, luckily I was semi-awake and just clenched my teeth in a “you are not going to beat me” kind of mentality/insanity…no screaming this time.
Not sure what went wrong. Took the magnesium tablet last night with light dinner. Went for the 10k run. Stretched. Weighed myself. Ate dinner and rehydrated back to pre-run weight. Maybe I am expecting too much too soon from one magnesium supplement so I took another one this morning with breakfast to try and ease the tension still in my right calf.
I wonder what would happen if I cramped in both legs at once instead of one one night and the other the next! It would be like the time I woke up to my alarm going off but both my arms were asleep (dead) so I couldn’t roll over, or lift my arm to turn off the alarm or move!…it was very frightening at the time but must have looked so funny to anyone watching! I think I would have looked like a fish out of water.



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4 responses to “2 from 2

  1. Rachel

    That sucks. I used to get cramps in my leg during the night, but haven’t for a year or so now. Since then I’ve built up more strength in my legs through heavier weight training. Don’t know if that’s a reason I haven’t had them in a while though.

  2. blkbox

    It might take a few days of tablet taking before you notice any real difference.

  3. Spark Driver

    What a bugger when your arms decide to sleep in when the rest of the body wants to wake up.

  4. PortRunr

    Hope the tablets get the cramps under control for you. It spins me out when I wake up with a dead arm!

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