Last Long Run

Decided that todays was the last long run before my first HM in two weeks time. Ran 20k in 1hr20. (Edit: OK 2P your right I am not Superman, it was 2hr20!) This run like a couple of weeks ago was along the HM course bit this time the second half of it. I used to walk to uni along this bit a lot but it wasn’t till I was running it this morning that I remember all the sharp climbs and descents. I adjusted the 1min drink/walk breaks to every 5k, corresponding to drink stations. Felt like a good run, but I felt like I was getting tired toward the back end, looking at my Garmin data now it looks like that from about the 13k mark I started speeding up and went from an average pace of 7:20min/k to finish with an average pace under 7min/k! Might have been all the other runners, bikers and walkers some of which passing me. Once again ran without MP3 player until about 12k when I was beginning to go through a mid run struggle. (did this attribute to the faster pace?). Confidence now high that I can finish the HM, probably targetting a pace of 6:30min/k for my first, but the plan at the moment is to go out easy and see how I come home, I at least want to finish.



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6 responses to “Last Long Run

  1. Rachel

    Sounds like you’ll do the half M no worries provided you don’t go out too hard.

  2. 2P

    Looking good for the half Simlin – um perhaps you meant 2.20 for 20k??

  3. Beth

    Of course you can do it Simlin!!! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  4. 2P

    LOL – a Fruedian slip perchance?

  5. Spark Driver

    You just gave me a hell of a fright. I am mapping my half progress against yours and when I read that you did 20 in 1:20:00 I nearly jumped out the seat.

  6. Ellie80

    wow! last long run – that is unreal – i reckon you’ll surprise yourself with a fab race-day time!

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