The other other X-training

No run yesterday. Sore feet and lower legs from a late night party on Monday night (bosses daughters 21st, couldn’t refuse invite!) so I slept in and did some cross training in the afternoon. I like to call it cross-training but in reality it was some very, very bad golf, nice weather for it though. Other activities yesterday included a trip to the aquarium to populate some recently acquired aquariums, some Black Mores, Zebra Danios and comets and a 13 day old Murray River Turtle named Squirt.
So made up for yesterdays non-running day with a run this morning…oh it was so hard to get up…I can’t remember the last morning run I did as last week was mostly afternoon runs due to cramp issues, as a consequence I started off very, very slow…in fact I thought I was running on the spot, the first two k’s took a little under 16mins. Wore my headphones…not to listen to music but to keep my ears warm…I didn’t turn any music on till the 7k mark, ended up coming home in 1hr10 for the 10k., not that I was concerned about speed but I thought I was headed for an 1hr20. (Which would be the same as my 20k on Sunday if you believe everything I write, sorry Spark Driver I am still slow and did not grow the extra cardiopulmonary system required for me to run that fast,
Just found out that my only footy game for the year (an annual old v current Lincoln College footy game) is on the afternoon of my first HM, hopefully I am not required as I don’t intend to be able to stand by then and if I can, beer is provided to help with the such ailments as the ability to stand.



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2 responses to “The other other X-training

  1. Rachel

    Better to watch the game from the Lincoln game from the sidelines! You’ll be all pumped up to lead the cheersquad.

  2. Spark Driver

    We enjoy our aquariums as well. We have two tropical tanks at the moment, a six foot and a three foot.

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