Second 10k Race Report

Todays race was a 10k Sri Chimnoy event in the Eastern Parklands. It was 5 and 1/2 laps. Quite a small field and I think this was a factor in going out too fast. I new I was going too fast but thought lets just keep this going and see how far I can get. After 3k I was starting to regret this decision but with such a fast start I convinced myself that I should go for a 5k PB and then just see what happens.

As it happened I staggered through 5k in 28min27sec, a minute PB after putting on a little 100m burst. Next came the hard slog of actually making it to the 10k finish line. slowed right down, but with just over one lap (2k) to go I was determined to break 60mins and put in a big effort for the 9th kilometer…this got me to the 9k marker with 7mins to do the final k and with relief I slowed down and cruised into the finish in a 5min PB of 58min38sec! (Included split chart just for fun to see how stupid my race was) WOW! dropped 5min in 4 weeks! Getting closer to that 2006 goal.

Other exciting events for the day…meeting my first CR in person, Sunni, who came up and introduced herself after recognising the wonderful red Coopers Sparkling hat I am still wearing in anticipation for my CR Cap. She claimed 2nd place in the female 5k event I believe with a sub 25min run.
Now for the HM!

April in review.
MTD 172.6km
YTD 421.7km

MTD -3.4kg (116.7kg)
YTD -8.7kg



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7 responses to “Second 10k Race Report

  1. RoyalKangas

    WOW! Good job…interesting splits, but you got it done! lol

  2. Spark Driver

    Yes interesting splits but atleast you completed it.

    Its always fun and a little bit wierd meeting other Coolrunners. Now I have done it a few times I look forward to the next one.

  3. blkbox

    Great effort – well done on the PB !!!

  4. Rachel

    Awesome Simon! Won’t be long till you knock off that sub 55min goal ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. 2P

    Congrats on the PB Simlin – doesn’t matter how you got there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Beth


  7. plu

    Well done,

    You did well to bring back the average in the way you did. Was the terrain harder in the middle?

    Cheers Plu

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