Pre-Race Blog

My first HM tomorrow, I am nervous…because I know I am going to break a few rules.
The back story.
Miss Simlin is working this morning so I was walking up to the shop to get some groceries…happened past the local sports store who were having a sale. Went in. Looked at the shooes as I always do. 25% off, damn tempting. Looked at the clothes…quick dry shirts 20% off…tempting…ok I might try one on…no XXL…ok lets try on an XL…OH MY GOD IT FITS!…pleasure centre of brain overloaded with chemicals.
Wlatz back out into store, grab another quick dry shirt and a pair of shorts…now I promised myself I would not by any of this stuff for at least another 10kg…but 20% off! tried them all on…good fits…now back to the shoes…brain overloaded with endorphins, mind clouded by burning sensation in pocket…I reach out for the Kayano’s…store lady sees me. I check her credentials…8 marathons…used to instruct at SARRC…all good…damn Kayano’s don’t fit…they are too narrow…end up in a pair of New Balance. Melt plastic on way out…total saving $70.

Now a canundrum…my high has gone and I sit here contemplating wearing almost a completely new outfit for my first HM…what a rule breaker. Maybe I should do a quick 5k tonight…but that will make them sweaty! Nope I am going to suck it and see…what’s the worst that could happen…

(I will report on the worst that could happen tomorrow night…no doubt in an exhaustion/beer induced semi-coma)



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4 responses to “Pre-Race Blog

  1. Rachel

    I would give your new shoes a test run if you plan on wearing them tomorrow. The 5k run in my new shoes sent pains up my ankle and inside shin. I couldn’t wait for the 5k to finish, let alone a HM.

  2. Rachel

    Oh yeah, good luck tomorrow!

  3. RoyalKangas

    Chaffing chaffing chaffing….be careful, you want that HM to go smoothly, so I wouldn’t introduce anything new…go with what you already know if comfortable…and by reading your post you already now that! Good luck…looking forward to the race report! You will do great!

  4. 2P

    Can’t wait to read the report Simlin – how did ya go?

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