Hills At last

Finally I managed to squeeze in that Adelaide hills run I have been promising myself for months. Started near Crafers and did a 7km circuit that took me across the Freeway and back around up a long steep hill…now that is what I am talking about! it made my normal hills look like slight undulations. Saw two other runners and one girl in a car who stopped and asked me how to get back to Adelaide. She though it was a silly question but I have to admit I have gone round in circles myself in the hills and unless you know exactly where you can get back on the freeway it is tough.
Anyways…a good 48mins of solid hills running…with only a slight walk up the longest toughest hill past the scout camping grounds. Next time it will not be so lucky! Today I was going to go down to the Mother’s Day 8k but could see no point and after my hard run and late night last night…I just stayed in bed till noon…ahhh the weekend.

Royal Kangas: re nutrition, I did start to track it for a few days but found it too hard with my style of cooking…ie just chuck stuff together…was never that serious at weightloss anyway…just want to run. That’s not to say that I ain’t lovin’ it (weight loss).



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2 responses to “Hills At last

  1. RoyalKangas

    Doesn’t look like you need to monitor much as you are losing big time!

  2. Rachel

    Hills run. Noice….

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