After yesterdays failed attempt at running up a long steep hill I set out tonight before dinner to run my usual 9k loop in reverse…therefore instead of being uphill downhill uphill it was downhill uphill downhill, ie all the uphill was in one long (1km) steep section. Coped with this hill ok, made it to the top but was struggling. I might add this reverse loop to one of my weekly runs just for the continuous uphill section so that next time I am in the hills I wont come off second best!



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2 responses to “Inspired

  1. Beth

    I do that Simlin – I run a 3km loop and I run one lap one way and then turn around and go back the other way etc when I do multiple laps. It wont take you long to get up that hill easily!

  2. Benwah

    Sounds like a great run! hills are a great thing arn’t they. Oh, thanks for your comments on my site, inspirational!

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