No run today, off to work early and Living End, Kisschasey, Gyroscope concert tonight. This is my schedule of events for the next 3 months.

28th May – Barossa HM 21.1km
18th June – Torren’s Classic 25km
16th July – River Run 30km
and the big one!
27th August – Smartplay Adelaide Marathon Festival HM 21.1km

My goal race is the SAMF HM in August and so all the others will be more like training runs so I don’t over exert myself. They are more tools to help me build up my Long run distances. For those out there who think that laying down this schedule is motivation thanks for your advice…you could be right…but as my yr 12 English teacher said…”Simon is a coaster, he does just enough to get the job done”, this is true in all sports I have played too, when playing a weaker opponent I tend to play down to their level (or slightly higher), which has led to some embarrassing defeats I might add, but playing against far more skilled opponents I push them to the edge. I lack the killer instinct to crush weaker opponents.

Now as far as running goes…I have completed a HM…I know I can do it and therefore I think my motivation to train has been lacking because I know I can go the distance and time goals don’t interest me at this early stage. I really need the threat of stronger competition to get my
motivation up…look out Adelaide HM. (I know I won’t beat you Rachel but I will give it a crack!)
OK time to stop rambling now.

After thought: I think I need a proper running photo for my profile. It is about time.



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2 responses to “Calendar

  1. RoyalKangas

    You may lack that killer instinct to crush weaker opponents, but I sure as hell don’t..I will train you..muahahahahaha

    Nice teacher, sounds like my parents…think you showed her.

    Nice race schedule to keep you motivated..I know you are going to kick ass on that 30k!

    Oh ya, you have me thinking I can do a half marathon now.

  2. Spark Driver

    Thats a good healthy schedule. I find that the goals keep me motivated.

    I second the new picture. The current one looks like you are at a party??

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