Late Start

First things first…yes my profile picture is at a party. The annual Triple J Hottest 100 Australia Day party, which this year was held at my place. Apart from being 42C in the shade it was a blast.

Next Thursday night was cross training, which in this case was Mosh Pit action. Kisschasey, Gyroscope and the Living End. Considering the Living End played for just shy of 1hr 40mins, I was pretty sweaty and exhausted by the end. Not to mention almost every song on the night bought back memories of runs because many of my longer runs have been to music by all of these bands. Needless to say it was the best freakin concert I have been too.

Today, just the second run for the week (where did the week go?) I know I said 3 laps of my 7k course but I was late rising and by the time I completed the second one it was 12pm and I had stuff to do so cut it short. As Penance I added two 1k intervals at HM pace into the second lap. To mix it up I dod the first lap counter-clockwise and the second clockwise. First in 50mins and second in 48mins. Knees definately felt a little fragile towards the end, I think mainly due to the low volume of km. Middle toe on left foot was a bit bloody so might need a band aid of some description next time, I just feel like I have almost worn in the new shoes so they should be ready for next week.

Not sure whether I will run tomorrow, I have another gig, the Cloud Room, Van She and End of Fashion…they kept me company this morning on my run…and I don’t want to wear myself out before I get there…but the training volume has been low this week…



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2 responses to “Late Start

  1. RoyalKangas

    42? I can’t get past the 42.

  2. blkbox

    It doesn’t hurt to have a “lower” week every now and then – your body will really appreciate the rest

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