Another Concert Review?

Did the third lap of my Saturday run before going out last night. As penance for missing it on Saturday I did an interval run around the 7k loop. Started out with 2 warm up kilometres at 6:30min/k pace then dropped the clutch a little accelerating up to 5:30min/km for the next
kilometre before backing off for a kilometre at 6min/k before taking off again, this time helped by a majority of down hill to do the next kilometre at about 5min/k pace. Then dropped the pace for a warmdown up a few shortish hills home of the last 2km. In total 7.1km in a new
route PB of 42min32sec. I’ll take a PB when ever I can get it but I wasn’t aiming for one and not overly impressed as the average pace is slower than my 10k PB pace.

Decided just now not to head down to the Barossa next weekend for the HM. Bit disappointing but will keep it in the bank for next year as preparation for my first Marathon. A spendthrifty couple of months have me trying to save money now, while other social commitments have since some up. Now I will focus on the two longer river runs in preparation for the HM in August. I don’t feel I have put in the kms over the last couple of weeks to improve my PB (all ready stated that I would be using it as a training run…but I can do this from home without the entry fee
+ petrol costs?. Now that I have finally stopped tossing and turning over this decision I can punish myself out on the road with a hard weeks running. A reverse 9km loop is in order tomorrow morning I think.

Oh Yeah, last night concert was good, not as good as Thursday night for me as Thursday was 1st string bands in my books, while last night was second string but they sure put on a good show. Van She – great EP that I bought the first time I saw them, unique sound for todays music scene and dare I say it, will be big soon. The Cloud Room – not many catchy tunes, didn’t play some of my favourites from the album but a nice solid performance from this American Outfit. End Of Fashion – played there album almost in its entirety with a really tight energetic set, thought
they had a few too many slower songs to be really exciting and get the crowd into a frenzy, they almost got there playing lockup your daughters and oh yeah back to back. Wow is this a running blog or a gig guide? Of well will be nice to look back on still, and it is kind of running related as the last 60ks have been run with these three bands playing on the MP3 player so as I said
about Thursday night, when the songs are playing I am reminiscing about some fine running (if I do say so myself!)


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  1. Spark Driver

    Well done on the PB. It has been awhile since I have cracked one so I envy you.

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