The Great Run To Work Adventure, Part 1

The adventure start with a restless night of feeling a little under the weather, and a day full of, I can just drive home…I feel a bit crap. Spent 2hrs in the morning trying to buy tickets to the Ashes test at Adelaide oval…finally success after two hours…though a little muted celebrations…couldn’t get all the tickets I wanted or all premium reserve like I wanted. But hey, I am going to day 1, 2 and 3. I am sure there are many disgruntled people who are going to none…anyway…back to the adventure.
After a cup of hot Milo at 3pm my spirits lifted and I had a renewed energy to run home this evening, thus making sure I have to run to work in the morning (No car you see). I will feel better once I start I thought…either that or I will crash and burn tonight and not even make it out of bed in the morning…only time will tell…stay tuned for “The Great Run to Work Adventure, Part 2”.
The run was good, just feeling out the safest way to navigate down the main road, got a little annoyed by some rain and traffic light forced stops, but was also a little gratedull as the excitement of acually doing this (running home to work or visa versa) had me going out way too hard in the first 4 km. All in all 11.2k in 1hr15mins.

May in Summary.

15 runs for a total of 120.2km and 13hrs
This month included my first HM, yay!
Weight yesterday 115.2kg.



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3 responses to “The Great Run To Work Adventure, Part 1

  1. Rachel

    Yeah, good one Simon. Especially with the lure of the car to drive home! Hope it isn’t too wet in the morning.

  2. blkbox

    What a great way to “make” yourself run the next day. Running back to back can be a little tiring, one of the runs should be a LSD recovery run, otherwise you might find that you burn yourself out.

  3. Ellie80

    wow – great idea indeed! what a month hey?

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