The Great Run to Work Adventure, Part 2

BURSTS! into June after a disappointing May where my resolve started to waver.

Well, I am here, which means that I made it out of bed and to work this morning, I must have looked like a steam train this morning, especially weighting at the lights…I think I could have got lost in my own fog. And don’t worry Blkbox, running to work is not a race for me…both yesterday and today were supposed to be LSD recovery runs, though as stated in the previous post I got a little excited last night, but this morning easy does it, especially as it took a while for my legs to warm up in the chill of the morning. I ran past one of those electronic temperature signs with about 5k to go and it said 5°C so not freezing but cold enough.
Ran a little further this morning than last night, trying to avoid running alongside the Main North Rd for as long as possible (I think I have it down to 800m of running on the verge, its a good couple of metres of verge so don’t worry), total 11.8km in 1hr18mins.
It felt great walking down the corridor from the change room to the Engineering Department after having a shower and feeling all refreshed, what a great way to start the day!



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5 responses to “The Great Run to Work Adventure, Part 2

  1. Rachel

    You’ve almost lost 10kgs since the start of the year. Awesome!

  2. sonya

    Running to work!! I am impressed. And yes it was chilly this morning. I couldn’t decide whether it was more dangerous to run with my glasses on or off! (they tend to fog). Bought a pair of $6 gloves from Kmart – now chaffing at the bit for another cold morning!

  3. sonya

    Above: aka … sunni

  4. Spark Driver

    Mate that sounds great. Wish I could run to work but,
    a) 24km is just a little too far,
    b) I have to take too much crap.

  5. Beth

    You lucky thing! Sounds like so much fun and kills two birds with one stone! For me the 30km each way is juat a little too far, and we dont have showers either… oh well…

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