West Ward HO!

Had to return some DVDs this morning so slipped on the running gear and ran to the DVD store…used this oportunity to do my first run to the west of home. With trusty Garmy in tow on my wrist I covered 7k but saw some potential for longer runs out this way. (I don’t like crossing main roads which has stopped me going this way in the past…all that standing around drives me crazy!) Heading back towards home I wasn’t satisfied so through in an extra bit around the block to take the run up to almost 9k. I was trying to run at an LSD pace (embarrasingly I still don’t know what this acronym stands for) but anyway, it took about 4km to finally get my pace up to about 7min/km, my legs just didn’t want to go that slow. Arrived home refreshed and started about cooking a delicious 3 course lunch (Though I must confess the first course was just nibbles and desert was made my Miss Simlin but I did make slow cooked mouth watering home-made pasta…and left flour all over the floor to prove it)

On that front, was stoked this morning to weigh in for the first time under 115kg… I have been waiting for this day to come for a while but it finally arrived…weightloss has been a bit slow this month, probably due to the onset of cold weather bringing about the love of hearty hot food and nice warm beds.

This week I am contimplating some more runs from work, but over a longer, safer route. I have done it once, but running a couple of metres from cars doing 100k an hour, even if only for 800m is a bit too risky just for some excercise. I think my safer route will be about 14-15km and thus too far for to work for me…but once or twice during the week from work could be good as I have been looking to do some longer midweek runs but struggling to find the time, because getting up earlier is just not going to happen.



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2 responses to “West Ward HO!

  1. Hamburglar


    Long Slow Distance (LSD)


  2. Beth

    Congrats on the weight loss! Mmm homemade pasta sounds fantastic!

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