Out you Infernal Demons

I think I have finally overcome the motivation monster. This Demon has been plaguing me for about a month or since I completed my first major goal (a HM) but the time has come when I am confident I have exorcised it. Steps to exorcising those Motivation Demons:

Step 1: I tried setting new goals, though about a marathon in August (too close) and another HM (been there done that), lined up some other intermediate runs (no real hunger), let the new goals slide…
Step 2: Try running in new places. Finally ran in the hills…it was lovely and I have been back and am determined to conquer one particular hill (Spring Gully Rd) but still not motivating enough to get me out there at 5am to run up hills…which led to…
Step 3: Run to/from work, starting last week…this kind of worked, but more just led me to the light at the end of the tunnel…
Step 4: realize that it is not bloody summer anymore and getting up at the ridiculous time of 5:15am was impossible for motivation, resign to the fact that running straight after work is the only way forward. I think a combination of all previous steps led me to this epiphany…OK this is turning into a long post now…

Why I was so set on running in the morning:
a) it didn’t seem to take any time out of the day for other things, because I would be home by the time I would normally get up if I was not going to go for a run.
b) in the beginning I thought I looked like a bit of try hard fat idiot out there running so wanted to do it when it was dark and limited traffic.
c) temperature wise in summer it was the best time of day to run especially seeing as I traditionally have a big dinner at 7’ish which puts late evening running off the agenda.

So what now? I have the confidence to get out there straight after work, 5pm, and just do my thing. It is before dinner, there is still a little light, it is not that cold yet and I don’t have to try and get out of bed when it is ridiculously cold and dark.

Anyway last night I went for a run straight after work. Nice and easy run, 9k in 58mins and got my first “RUN FOREST!” yelled by someone leaning out of a passing car. Oh what joy running at a sensible time when well adjusted normal human beings have dragged themselves out of bed. It makes me feel like a real runner!



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3 responses to “Out you Infernal Demons

  1. blkbox

    I find running after work is so much easier during the week. I also find it easier to stay awake longer too in the evenings, as opposed to being asleep by 8 if I have been up and running at 5AM

  2. Spark Driver

    With a Half Marathon under your belt you are a “real runner”!

  3. sonya

    Simlin, you are no THFR!! I used to worry about what people would think too (when I resorted to laps up and down my street) – then I realized who would be laughing in the long run!!

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