Another come from the dead for the West Coast Eagles tonight! There running out of games is inspirational to those wanting to get fit! (Like me :O)).
Thanks R2B and SD for your words of encouragement. took the leg out for a nice 9k run this morning and the niggle is still there (though it felt lower down the leg than I initially thought yesterday, more like lower calf region. Walking to the DVD store this afternoon I explored the problem…walking up the hill the pain was up towards the knee, but walking back down the hill it was back down towards the ankle? No idea what’s going on there! might have a rest tomorrow, icing the leg tonight and biking it over the next couple of days!

Apparel news. Caved in today in big W and went to find some gloves, the mens were chunky and made my hands look twice as big as they are…to the ladies I went…and yep! found a pair of dainty black glove (actually it was a 2 pack and Miss Simlin is having the grey pair). They look quite amusing on me if you look closely as the fingers are half as small as mine!…gives me short fingers.

(BTW RK I only run home from work one day a week not 5!)



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4 responses to “GO EAGLES!

  1. Spark Driver

    My team is at the bottom of the ladder and I do not want to talk about footy (ggrrr!!)

  2. sonya

    My gloves were from KMart – probably the same grey as Miss Simlins! Get the leg better before doing too many long runs. Do shorter for a while rather than have the injury turn into a long term thing. Keep running, carefully!

  3. blkbox

    There is only game game of FOOTBALL worth watching this weekend – it is on SBS tonight – go the Socceroos.

    I brought some gloves too this week – thank God I did it was bloody freezing this morning.

  4. RoyalKangas

    Was thinking about you on my drive to work this morning…my office is 6K away, and it’s just never going to happen!

    Here I thought you were trying to be miners! lol

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