Getting bored

OK two nights of excercise bike and I am bored all ready. Another 90mins on the bike tonight. Give me the pavement anyday. Still nursing my leg, but hopefully tomorrow arvo I will get out around the block to test it out.

Finally set up my bloglines properly now so I can keep track on everyone…that’s right I have my eye on you!…Looks like I will miss the River Run this weekend, pitty, but got my new Runner’s World today in the mail and say the Torren’s Classic in there, so might have to hold out for that one. Also expected in the mail this week:
–> My CR cap! yay! I believe they will be sent out tomorrow!
–> A white running top I bought on E-Bay for $10 (free postage) Hopefully I will not “be too fat for it” like the person selling it stated on there Ebay listing.
These should go well with the $15 shorts I bought from Myer on the weekend.
Oh boy this post is random. And to add to that, I took the plunge on monday and dehaired the front…not a fan. Might try waxing next time, though I am yet to run with the hairless frontage? Should be easier getting that nipple taping off though.
OK time to go straighten my brain now….



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5 responses to “Getting bored

  1. Rachel

    Gross Simon, I don’t want to know about your dehairing!
    You could get your proper bike sorted out and hit the bitumen instead of the exercise bike.

  2. PortRunr

    I suggest watching the 40YO Virgin movie before getting your chest waxed…and if you’ve already seen it then all I can say is what the hell are you thinking man??!!

  3. RoyalKangas

    hmmm, interesting…

  4. Spark Driver

    I have been considering a wax job for a chest de-hairing lately. How about you go 1st then provide a full report here?

  5. blkbox

    Go the VEET cream boys far less painful and just as effective as waxing – and once you have sorted the chest out do the legs next LOL

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