Finally it’s Here!

The CR CAP has arrived and should be followed by an updated profile picture shortly. The Coopers red truckers hat has served me well but it is time to get serious, so headed out this evening in my New Balance 719s (for Miners), Coolmax socks, new running shorts, new running top (purchased on Ebay from Big Mac…recognised his name on the return address), Garmin 201 strapped to the wrist and new CR running cap! WOW am I a runner now? Nope, all I need now is to get a mention in the non race coolrunner gear sighting thread…but I am one step closer. So setting out kitted out I planned 5k and started out at what I though a comfortable 6:30min/k. well at 2k the stomach cramp started and continued until the end, so the comfortable pace became a constant struggled…oh well toughed it out and blamed it on a lack of fluid intake today…almost non-existent…what an idiot!
To the biginner training…Miss Simlin was very sore today, my advice was to continue moving to warm things up…now the challange…second training session!



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2 responses to “Finally it’s Here!

  1. PortRunr

    Does that mean a new profile pic’s on the way?! 😉

  2. Steve

    It’s a good feeling to get sighted. I’ve only been sighted twice since xmas when the kids got me my CR cap.

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