Einstein’s Theory of the Niggle

Well 5k today in 31mins.
Now to the theories. I have formulated a theory (mostly during run time) about the emergence of a niggle, though I can never place where, in my right leg. It moves from knee to ankle to shin to achilles to calf region? what is with that? anyway, I am a left side sleeper, that is I sleep on my left side. Over the last week or two Miss Simlin has been putting the electric blanket on the 12hr timer setting now laying all night on my right leg, with it being heated can’t be good for my muscles etc…especially since I changed to evening runs! Therefore I have taken to turning off my side of the electric blanket before I get into bed.
I wonder if everything will get better now?
Wore my new running shorts today and I must say the high cut took a bit of getting used too….I normally wear long shorts and it felt like I was running around today in nought but my knickers…oh and for shame my white thighs! Of course they also rode up a little and caused a little bit of chaffing (another day closer to ordering some sportshield) but worst of all was the chest, where the newly purchase microtape failed to hold up its end of the bargain and disappeared somewhere out on the pavement resulting in a very red raw nipple.



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4 responses to “Einstein’s Theory of the Niggle

  1. PortRunr

    I recently graduated to a pair of higher cut shorts too. For longer runs (no matter which shorts) I’ve discovered the unbridled joy of wearing tights underneath to completely eliminate discomfort and chafing. One day I might be game enough to wear tights without the shorts on top 😉

  2. speedygeoff

    lanolin cures sore nipples! only a tiny amount at a time need be applied. no more need of bandades.

  3. Spark Driver

    Mate when I started wearing the high cut running shorts I started to use Bodyglide then Sports Shield. Haven’t looked back since.

    Though I have to admit I have been considering some solorium time to put some colour in those white upper thighs.

  4. RoyalKangas

    Okay, I have been stunned into silence by the previous comments.

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