Einstein’s Theory of the Niggle II

Well Theory number II, I almost exlusively run counterclockwise around the streets, hence I beleive that the right leg my be getting a pounding due to footpath camber which I spent all of tonights run inspecting all the way around, resting the urge to turn around and run back clockwise. This combined with Theory I… anyway I have vowed to do all future runs for a weekin reverse.

This evenings run was 9k with the fitpod Shred 155bpm remix on. This meant my average pace was 6:27min/km though I noticed a lt of variation up and down hills and if I concentrated on lengthening stride. So I found the 9k very tough towards the end. I am not sure whether this is because I am unconditioned and undertrained or whether keeping up the constant bpm and just varying stride length took more out of me? A question for the ages and one I have posted on CR.

Other thoughts for the day…Bloglines is making me antisocial in the blog community. I am reading all the blog entries through bloglines and therefore am not reading comments and not posting comments…how are people meant to know that I am reading their blogs and that their blogging and runnning efforts are appreciated if I don’t leave comments? I must endeavour to break this antisocial behaviour.



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2 responses to “Einstein’s Theory of the Niggle II

  1. Spark Driver

    I use Bloglines to check for updated blogs, then click on the headings to leave comments.

    Another Einstien therory I believe is how much us suburban types run on concrete. I think it must be the hardest running surface known to man.

  2. PortRunr

    Ooh, that’s messing with the universe if you’re gonna reverse it!
    Like spark driver, I just use bloglines just to find new posts, and in most cases open the post itself.

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