The Gig is up!

Time to admit to myself that I have an injury and stop saying, “nah, it will be all right”. What bought this on? well I rested sunday and Monday and the leg felt better today than it has in a week, so after work I pulled on the runners and set off, didn’t glance at the watch, so might have been going faster than I should have but after a couple of Kms I felt quite a bit of pain in the calf region and then knee…I stopped and stretched but that only eased the pain for a couple hundred metres…I was shattered and angry with myself that I let it get this far so I turned left and started the walk home, contimplating the next step. Managed to hobble out a few easy kilometers on the way home ending up running 6k. Now a weeks rest is definately in order and as much as I hate it, the excercise bike, is going to get a work out. Now time for some ice and elevation I think!



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3 responses to “The Gig is up!

  1. Spark Driver

    A weeks rest will do you good.

    For some reason the first time I read the post I seen “Now time for some ice ‘cream’ and elevation”. It made me laugh.

  2. 2P

    Sounds like a good plan Sim – take it easy mate.

  3. nat

    Bugger.. On the same path as you. Have had my twos day off and was getting excited (with a pinch of apprehension added to that) about throwing on the shoes and going for a “little” run tonight. Thanks mate, looks as though you may have saved my knee and sanity!

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