15k race report

Well I did start and I did finish so that is a bonus. Cruised along for the first couple of Ks with rachel at a steady 6min/k pace, then she took off and I continued to cruise. It was a little cold but no rain and definately no hail to speak of. At 9k I stopped for a stretch because lower hip type area, will work out exactly what to call it later, was too much to handle anymore and the rest of the way back to the finish was spent shuffling and walking, up one of the sharp short inclines I was walking but it was too painful so I had to run up…don’t figure? I must say that dispite the soreness I was also lacking a bit of conditioning and my preperation was far from ideal. Oh well my time of 1hr36 ish will be something to improve on next year.

Finally I saw another CR wearing a cap too, Coolrunner Wardman! he was succesful in breaking his goal time of 1hr30min and I think came in somewhere around 1hr28mins, Rachel came in 1hr22min or something, check her blog for a better estimate.

So in summing up my incoherent ramblings, knee was fine today and no problems there, but outside of top part of right leg, lets call it lower hip, was very stiff and painful.



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3 responses to “15k race report

  1. Anonymous

    Great effort to run yesterday with an injury Simon, just focus on taking it slowly and you’ll be ready for the HM in late August no worries. Good to meet both you and Rachel yesterday and look forward to catching up again soon.

  2. Spark Driver

    That is a good time to beat next time.

    Now you should give yourself some proper time to fix that injury.

  3. blkbox

    I think Sparks has given you some pretty sound advice – dont let that injury persist for too long

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