Confessions of a serial rester

OK so I have gone for a little run in the last week and a half, it was a 3min jog on the way back from the video store on sunday. Thought I would give my leg a little bit more rest though. A rest which included icecream and icemagic last night…mmmm ice magic.
Seriously, if I keep this up, resting is going to become an addiction…I NEED TO GET BACK RUNNING…and what inspiration just now.
I have now been registered for Corporate Cup starting in 2 weeks (its only 4.5k, which is the longest distance available). What a rocket to get me back out again. I was thinking 2.2k easy tonight to see how I pull up.

No doubt another post tonight. Hopefully it will be a running post!

Edit Later that evening.
I made it out for a 2.2km run. Took it nice and slow taking 14min36sec. legs felt a little grumpy but hopefully that is just due to lack of action, but I did start to feel the beginnings of the dreaded tightness. When I got home I stretched and used liberal amounts of dencorub and anti-infamatories…fingers crossed for tomorrow!

BTW downloading into sportstracks it told me a new version was available and DAMN! I am impressed with the update, it now does stuff I always wanted it to do like this:

(I haven’t been weighing myself lately…I don’t want to know!)



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2 responses to “Confessions of a serial rester

  1. Spark Driver

    Thanks for the Sportstrack update. I will look into it now.

    I didn’t picture you to be a Mills and Boon reader??

  2. Spark Driver

    How do you add the weight line to Sportstracks. I’ve updated it but still can’t work it out. Starting to drive me crazy.

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