Self Diagnosis

I found this Q&A and this is exactly what I have been experiencing so starting today I have entered into a stretching and strengthening routine this article was also encouraging. So yesterday I ran 4k, very slowly and was only in slight discomfort and today I ran 5k at about 6.30min/k pace with slight discomfort and applied the routine mentioned above afterwards. Looks good, hopefully in a month I will be running pain free! but only time, patience and obedience will get me there. next month I think I will continue with these easy short distances to maintain some conditioning, then really hit the straps heading up towards C2B.


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One response to “Self Diagnosis

  1. Spark Driver

    I hope it works out for you. I have to admit I am pretty slack when it comes to stretching.

    Thanks for the Sportstracks hint. all sorted now.

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