He nicks one through the slips and there’s the century, raises the bat towards the players dressing room and kisses the CR emblem on the front of his cap (ala Michael Slater).
Well it has been a wonderful century, I am still not out but just. ITB felt a tight all day but some stretching loosened it up and I got in a 5k in 30min jog followed by plenty of stretching, icing and massaging.
I meant to run yesterday but I was too sore from GoKarting, who new something like driving little karts really fast is so physical, my arms haven’t forgiven me yet. Started at the back of the grid and finished 3rd, not a bad time for my first I thought, it also didn’t help that I didn’t get to bed till after 5am…oops.
I think I will reflect on my 100 not out when I have time to reflect on all my precious posts.

July in summary

56.2km (oh dear)
6hr 8mins
average weight 116.something (damn)

YTD 793.8km 83hr53mins


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One response to “100*

  1. Spark Driver

    Congratulations on your century.

    You sure it wasn’t from posting that gave you the ITB?

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