Since the ITB I have run all my runs clockwise (where it used to be anti-clockwise). This morning I decided to un-wind and run anti, mainly because I didn’t want my left ITB to suffer the same fate as my right and it was a little niggly yesterday. THe left knee was beautiful this morning but the right ITB did feel a little more uncomfortable than usual.

I had forgotten what a wonderful relaxing feeling it is to finish off a run and stand out the front of my house stretching in the per-dawn light, birds singing, the air crisp and clean. I gazed up at the sky this morning post run, steam gently wafting from my face. The serenity was intoxicating, now if only I can move to a rural area where I don’t have to run on footpaths next to noisy, stinking hunks of metal with their lights blazing as they rumble down the road. The cold starkness of bitumen and concrete reflects the lonely desolate isolation of urban life (no wonder depression is so common), give me dirt, bushes, trees and wildlife anyday.

Daily summary: 5km 31min20sec

Ellie: your progress over the last couple of months has put me to shame

in the end i did the 5km (5.03 to be precise according to freddy – but that could be my slowness in pressing ‘stop’!) in 26.21 which was an 8 second pb

I can only dream of a 5k PB like that and such a prolific blogger too! Can’t wait for your C2S report as I can’t wait for everybodies…I really will come over and do that one day.



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3 responses to “Un-winding

  1. Ellie80

    aw thanks – but you do these fantastic long runs that are so fast!! and hello – did someone mention HALF MARATHON!!! i think we lose perspective with all the speedy established running types we fraternise with. its actually no mean feat to run 21 point something kilometres – don’t you think that is amazing?

    but thank you – come over and do some races with us – we are very friendly! (but i may not be friendly tomorrow at the striders 10k if it bloody rains….)

  2. Spark Driver

    She does have a poit about the Half Marathon. You have run one and that is something that can’t be ignored.

    I hear you on the bush/trail running. I have been looking at some trail shoes lately and thinking of mixing up those suburban type runs.

  3. Rachel

    Yeah yeah, back on the pavement!

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