Race Report – Adelaide Marathon Festival – 10k

Well after Rachel pulled out I headed down to Adelaide oval by myself to enter the 10k. I was a beautiful morning and I tried to keep a little warm by standing in the sun waiting for the start. The field looked about 50-100 strong for the 10k and we set off. I took it slow to start with falling in behind a line of runners. After about 1km I was feeling comfortable so started overtaking a few following another runner doing the same. Gave CR Sunni a wave before the turn around at about 2k and the headed back the other way still following the same runner, they appeared to be slowing a little so I put in a bit of an effort and was well past her passing the 3k. Up ahead there was quite a large group and I prettty much stayed 100m behind them over the middle 5km, picking of the stragglers as they got dropped from the group. Gave Sunni a shout across the river at about 6km then with 3km to go started to think about increasing the pace again. After the drink station at about 2.5km from the finish I started to motor a little more and caught what was left of the big group. Then it was on, I powered over the last km reeling in a couple of people before finishing with a 5min/km split and a PB of a tick over 57mins. I must say, I ran the last 2kms pretty hard and for the first time actually felt like having a bit of a chuck over the finish line but a few deep breathes latter and I was fine.
I thought the race was great. My 5km split was 29:12, which meant a nice negative split to finish. Great to see some other CR caps out too, Wardman, RunDave, Nando (I think and looking a little worse for wear)
Everything is looking good now for my goal time in a couple of weeks at the City to Bay.
Splits according to Garmy – only 200m off, not bad



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4 responses to “Race Report – Adelaide Marathon Festival – 10k

  1. RunDave

    Very nice presentation. Gotta love a graph. Well done on the PB.

    City to Bay… Shit that’s crept up on us. Might have to think about having a crack at it this year.

  2. Ellie80

    great work simon!! i am trying to get to a space where that need-to-chuck feeling is something that I can consider a sign of a run well done 🙂 so far it just makes me decide never to run again!

  3. Spark Driver

    I haven’t had the need to spew feeling before. Does this mean I’m not pushing myself hard enough?

  4. sonya

    That was a fun race – thanks for the yell across the river, made me go faster. See you all at the C2B!!

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