Purging my brain of all thoughts running related

OK, reflection time, thoughts on yesterdays run.
1) I was disappointed that I didn’t get to run the half, it all looked so exciting, but it was also nice to watch the marathon etc finishing, and the fact I ran a PB for the 10km certainly helped to quell any disappointment I was feeling.
2) The difference between this 10km PB and the last was most definitely the final 2km. Last time I was basically running by myself for the last 5km and yesterday I always had people to chase and as such powered out the last 2km shaving over 1min off my PB with a 5min last km (Maybe I will add a comparison split chart here on an edit tonight). This basically comes down to the fact that I also ran a smarter race, I started out slow and built up the speed saving the big effort for the end and not going out too fast and just trying to hang on.
3) What the hell am I doing in Corporate Cup? I just ran 10km at an average of 5:40min/km, my fastest time for the 4.32km CC run is also about 5:40min/km? Just looking at my splits from yesterday, I ran the last 4ish kms at an average of about 5:25min/km and that was after all ready running 6kms! So that’s it! That is the difference, I need to warm up first, a good 6k hit out! OK that might be a little overboard but I think I might do a short 300m warm up next time and now that my brain knows that I can go faster, maybe the rest of me will follow!
4) Next target and my reason for running, nay! My reason for living! Bettering my City to Bay time of last year, ok unless I succumb to some kind of mid run injury I will better that time (80mins for the 12k), hell I hope to break 70mins (traffic permitting) It has been a year since I started my running quest to C2B 2005 began and boy has it been fun, my only regret is that this might be the only goal time I achieve for 2006. Not that I am complaining, I just ran a 10k PB off what I thought was being under prepared, and I am more than half way to my goal time (55mins) my first 10km race was 1hr2mins in late April.
5) Powermax running tights of the short variety, I wore these yesterday in the 10km. I must be getting used to them as I didn’t seem to notice any restriction and damn my legs feel great today. They were achy last night trying to go to sleep but today they are awesome. I washed the tights yesterday and am now wearing them to make sure recovery is good. I might yet buy some full length ones for recovery and keep the shorts for running in.
6) Damn I am thoughtful today!
7) The plan pre and post C2B. I might go for a recovery 7km run tomorrow morning and then an easy run home from work on Wednesday and a 9km easy run on Friday, Sunday I would like to get a long run in (15km), but might settle for a hilly one in…the hills. Next week will be mostly an easy one with CC on Wednesday and then the C2B on Sunday. Following the C2B I might keep my focus on the 10-15km range with some fun runs and a goal to improving my CC times and including more runs home from work…and stay on top of niggles.
8) The next big thing…well I haven’t scoped out the horizon yet but it will probably be next year and most likely the Green Belt Half Marathon for my 2nd taste…then I might think about the big one…going all the way!



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4 responses to “Purging my brain of all thoughts running related

  1. Ellie80

    wow – you are thoughtful today! and all good thoughts. i resist warming up for races but i suspect that it is a good idea… 🙂

    come and do the SMH 1/2 marathon next year!

  2. Anonymous

    Good to hear you pulled up fine today – wish I could say the same. Great effort on a pb in the 10k, that will no doubt ease the pain of missing out on the half. Good luck for the C2B, sounds like we are both aiming at a similiar goal time.



    well done on the PB:) and lots of good advice to think about, esp the warming up and recovery runs.
    Thanks for the comment too – but I was actually very happy with that time – it was an 8min PB for me. I’m just very slow 🙂

  4. plu

    Hi Simon,

    Your solid sub 6 minute pace is a real breakthough, especially in the background of the niggles you have had.

    This post is a good one as you need to have some space to think things through and ask yourself why you run and what are your goals (in life) and whether running is part of them or integral to them and your existence.

    cheers Plu

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