Spring Gully Rd v Simlin, 3-0

Yep, that is right I tussled with the dreaded Spring Gully Rd again yesterday and it beat me again but more of that later.

First to Saturday, got up and had a hit of tennis with the brother. I don’t know what was going on there, I lost my second ever set of tennis to him (the first was after a trip to the dentist when I couldn’t feel half my face. I went down in the first 6-3. OK now I was mad and suddenly my mind went from a sieve to a 316 stainless steel bowl, focusing wholly and squarely on not repeating that performance. Finished him off 6-0, 6-1 now that is more like it! Following tennis it was back to my house for a late brunch and then into the city, Rundle St markets and movies. We saw Thank You for Smoking, very amusing, I would rate it 4 Stars.

Saturday night Miss Simlin and I met up with a group of people from my work at a Greek restaurant and feasted on meat, meat and more meat before heading to Thebby Theatre for a Gig. Tonight it was Eskimo Joe supported by Josh Pyke. Eskimo Joe sounded pretty tight and performed well, I must say though that I like their last album better than their new one but even then it still isn’t high on my playlist. I am holding out for The Living End, End of Fashion and the Red Riders next weekend…now THAT should be good!

Now onto yesterday, headed up to the Hills at about 2:30pm feeling a little worse for wear with DOMS from the previous days tennis exploits and was out on Old Mt Barker road shortly after that. There was some light drizzle around but the fresh mountain air always gives me a natural high. After 10mins the high had been replaced by a low in the depths of my stomach as lunch started to rear its ugly head and by the time I reached the start of Spring Gully Rd my mind had lost all focus on the task ahead and had turned inward to the growing feeling of regurgitation. Needless to say Spring Gully Rd won this bout very easily but I will return again another day with the determination to run this 5.8km loop without walking up Spring Gully Rd before years end. I have also heard whispers of a longer steeper hill, but it will have to wait until I have scaled Spring Gully Rd and can call it my Be-yatch!

Finished the day with a long soak in a hot bath listening to some soothing tunes from Van She and Epicure.


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  1. Spark Driver

    All that meat sound do good. But just before a run?? I don’t think so.

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