Under Construction

Still rejigging the blog playing with the new features and haven’t had much time to read other blogs.
Quick run-down of weekend.
Eagles lost…BAH!
End of Fashion and The Living End rocked!

While sauntering around some outdoor shops on Rundle St on Saturday I came accross a book called Walks SAand bought it. This morning I set out from home at an easy pace to find one of them, with the promise of a 3.5km long trail. Well I found it and it was great! Who knew there wasa trail 4km from home! I think I could incorporate into a 15km run, 4km to the start, up and back on the trail and then home. That is a 15km run with 7k on trails!
Also did a little bit of exploring after running the trail and found another nice path which I had heard existed but never found! I might include it into my usual 9km loop to make it around 10km.
So instead of doing 15km as planned today it ended up being 17km at 6:40 pace.
More later. When I am not distracted by the reconstruction of my blog.


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