Self punishment

As a treat for not being able to run in the Corporate Cup yesterday I got up this morning a little after 5am for my second outing around the velodrome route. For some reason this route, so far, has brought out the speedster in me and I have completed it at 6:10 pace and now this morning 6:20 pace. For a training run this is fast for me. It must be the new route.
With the Black Hill run and the long lasting battle with Spring Gully Road at the forefront of my mind I belted up the hill behind the velodrome and then, as if that wasn’t enough for the day, I changed the end of the route to include two more short hills. Damn those hills felt good. Maybe I will challange Spring Gully Road to a duel this weekend…now if only I had a glove…
On non-related topics, my brother secured us tickets to the Eagles v Crows prelim final on saturday arvo. I just bought an Eagles Gurnsey on Ebay for $50 (probably not an official one but who cares?) I hope it arrives on Friday but I am doubtful but I will be able to wear it the following weekend for the GF! My brother is a Port supported so will be, not so much supporting the Eagles, more like badgering the hell out of the crows fans.
Enough about football.
I don’t know what it is, but now that I have successfully smashed my main goal for the year, nay, my whole reason for existing/running, I have been injected with a renewed, fervent need to run and train…what for? The Black Hill challenge isn’t a real goal, I just whimsically threw it out there…I would like to smash Spring Gully Road though (have I said that enough yet?). Now I suppose reflecting back on my long term goals the next big thing is getting a marathon under my belt…August next year I am thinking. (I’ll then worry about going under 4hrs to qualify for six foot track). So why the renewed vigor for running? Acheivement of a year long goal does wonders for the confidence and I suppose now I am base building. Between now and August ’07 I want to remain injury free and run 2 Half Marathons (hopefully sub 2hrs).

Oh yeah, I am still to get a decent running picture to stick in my profile…that can be another goal.



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4 responses to “Self punishment

  1. RunMumRun

    Being lurking for a few months. Great to read that you have set some new goals. Will see you at Black Hill I will be the one in the running skirt (trying hard to get in touch with my softer side) Good luck with the Eagles on Sat. Go The Dockers (ex WA Girl). Marathon August 07 here we come.

  2. ewen

    Go the Crows!

    Go the 4 hour marathon goal and 6′!

  3. Anonymous

    you will blitz your half- maras the way you are going 🙂 which ones are you planning on?

    (must get a blogger beta account, eh?)

  4. Wardman

    The weagles will go down, it’s the Crows turn this year and unlike you lot, when we get to a Grand Final we win it:)
    Great to read about your excitement levels/motivation building, spring does that to you and your C2B goal achievement pushes you on too.
    Read about 6 foot a few months ago myself, sounds great but there a few other crackers that would be fun too. For a short fun run, I reckon Puffing Billy would be a good laugh and test of speed.

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