Friday Morning Ho Hum

Lay in bed for 4mins this morning contemplating how tired my legs were, but then remembered what I ate yesterday and snapped out of it. As it turns out I am still a bit of a speedy and instead of taking it easy on some tired legs, those same legs carried me around a reverse 9k loop in a course record 6min/k pace. Today I cruised Main North Road, Attacked the hill up Grand Junction, coasted down Hampstead road and then cruised home along Regency Road (attacking the last little bit down main north).

For those confused by my terms of effort:

Coasted = just ran comfortably – no exertion.

Cruised = tried to maintain a reasonable pace – minimal exertion.

Attacked = tried to maintain a fast pace – exerted myself.

Flat Out = Tried to maintain maximum pace – Full exertion (normal followed an overwhelming desire to regurgitate).

Now I feel the need to explain my love of the West Coast Eagles. From (edit 1985 to the end of 1989 thanks sis) I lived in a small country town in Western Australia called Carnamah. It is here… I was at a young and impressionable age and moving from NSW when the Eagles formed in late 1986 (playing there first game in the 1987 season) I became a supported and participated in eagles clinics etc when they came around.

Now if it league allegiances that you want to know, my state of Origin is NSW (Bourke to be exact) and I am a Manly Warringah Sea Eagles supporter, though enthusiasm for the game waned during the whole super league debacle.

Enough about non-running topics now…time to start planning a LSD for the weekend. 🙂

Edit: for those who still can’t comment with normal blogger accounts – do you preview your comment before posting it? This is supposed to work damn it!



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10 responses to “Friday Morning Ho Hum

  1. ellie

    go the eagles!!!!!!!

    (and nice running too 🙂

  2. RunDave

    I’m a sea-eagles fan too. Although I’m SA born and bred, my great grandmother lived in manly and gave me a jersey when I was little and I’ve supported them ever since. Like you, my enthusiasm decreased for league in general during the superleague money grab. I only really recently worked out how hated Manly are by almost everyone else. Bring it on!

  3. blkbox

    What’s this Manly crap buddy LOL
    .I agree NRL went down the pan with Super League – thank god for real football and the Socceroos who should now ber called the Footballeroos or something like taht

  4. Rachel

    Dito, thanks for explaining all that Simon. Now can you just paste that into my blog?

  5. Rachel

    Actually we lived in WA from 1985 until the end of 1990. From year 1 till the end of year 5 for me. 5 years in total.

  6. Sekhmet

    I’ve been previewing and it seems to work fine

  7. ewen

    Good comeback by the Eagles today. I thought Geoff’s Crows were going to fly away after the first quarter.

    Go South Melbourne!


    well played by your boys last night – nothing like crushing the crows at home mwahahaha

  9. Spark Driver

    Ok here is my 3rd attempt at posting to your new blog

  10. Spark Driver

    Woohoo it worked…I am back. Keep up the great work!

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