Crow Pain.

Today was LSD day and I concentrated on the S as this last week has been a little speedy and it was time for some L D. So after screaming myself hoarse at the football watching the eagles thrash the crows (scores were close due to inacuracy) I planned to run to the start of the dry creek trail I found a fortnight ago and then run down it and back.
Alas when I woke up at about 5am it was squally and raining which continued for an hour or so but when I had been awake for 10mins at 7:30 and it was all quiet outside I ventured out of the warm bed and into the morning gloom. It was still a bit windy but it wasn’t raining and the clouds looked a little light so I trotted off at a slow pace (7min/km). Two things that I didn’t take that inevitably made the run harder than it needed to be I think was my mp3 player and my hydration pack. It was 5.3km to the start of the trail and I only got drenched once, but damn it was chilly with the squally wind that came with it. I ran to the end of the trail (where I started a fortnight ago), but this time I did not get my feet wet across the crossing as I am quite sure I could have been swept off. Anyway I found there was a tunnel under walkley’s road and although partially flooded I ran through and continued along the trail on the otherside. Before long Garmy was telling me I was getting closer to 10k so I decided to turn around (without hydration I thought it would have been a little silly to continue on). After getting back to the start of the trail I headed for the path behind the velodrome. Going up that long slow hill was torture as a gale force wind was whipping straight into my face. As I was approaching the top the feeling of needing to walk was almost overpowering but I shuffled on. With 2k to go the heavens opened up and the cold rain and wind re-invigourated the tired legs and I even ran a couple 100 metres past home to take Garmy up to 20k (as I thought all the effort was worth 20k)
Anyway after that ramble it was an LSD of 20k at 6:45min/k pace.
ooohh I just noticed my milage todate is 991.5k…I will crack the megaton (1000k on Tuesday!)



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3 responses to “Crow Pain.

  1. teacherwoman

    Nice job on your 20k! I actually got out and did a couple miles today…it’s been too long! πŸ™‚

  2. Rachel

    That must be your longest run in awhile. Good work!

  3. 2P

    Getting very close to the ton Sim – hehe glad I’m not the only one who runs past home to get the Garmin to click over a round figure – great job πŸ˜‰

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