Well, that never ending mental battle was quick this morning, but not in favour of running, in favour of staying in bed. There were contributing factors of course, I had stayed up watching the Brownlow Medal Count and yesterday my knees were feeling a little tender from the 20k run on Sunday. My left hemisphere (which I like to call my lazy side) put this argument to my right hemisphere (which I like to call my running side) at 5:30am and the right hemisphere folded in about 2 seconds and I was dozing again. Won’t be cracking the MEGA-ton this morning.
Wouldn’t you know it though, after a nice warm shower, some peanut butter on toast and a glass of juice I was walking out the door and my legs felt great! Oh dear, what have I done the right side thought…guilt starting to build, while the left side caused half my face to contort into a smirk.
Now that the right side is in control again an afternoon run is all I can think about…now to come up with a plan to get out of the house.



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  1. Rachel

    I would have thought the idea of cracking the ton would be enough to get you out of bed!

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