Finally some running action

Got home from work and went straight out for a velodrome loop yesterday afternoon. felt really cruisy for the first 4k, glad to be out there and going along like a real athlete… Then the two handfulls of mini cheesels I scoffed before heading out the door finally made it to my stomache and I had to grind out the next 4k waiting for the cramp to subside (really who leaves a bowl of cheesels lying around?). By the time I got to the hill up behind the velodrome the cheesels had been digested, though very painfully, and the boost of energy they gave me had powering home completing the 11.5k in 6min/k pace. After stretching etc moving around, I felt a slight twitch in the right hammy…hopefully nothing really, but there will be no running today…GO EAGLES!

September was a really good month for me, I got my mojo back and got in some decent runs following on from a month or two of injury.

Total number of runs was 16.
Total Kilometers was 157.3km (ave 9.83km per run) – my second biggest month…yay!
Total Time was 16:31:20 (ave 1:01:58 per run)
Average Pace per run 6:18min/k (fastest 5:19min/k)



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4 responses to “Finally some running action

  1. Spark Driver

    Great to see that monthly totals building.
    I did think of you yesterday while walking around Melbourne seeing all those West Coast Wierdos out and about 😛

  2. ewen

    Good month there Simlin.

    Bet you were a bit worried after half time.

    You’ll also get the shakes if you ever line up for an 800 metre race 😉

  3. teacherwoman

    Way to get out for a run! Nice stats by the way! It’s amazing how much time some of us runners actually spend running!


    Go Eagles! What a game! oooh my head…
    I hope you didn’t have a heart attack in those last few minutes!!

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