Oh What a Night!

Well, another heart pounding game, but I always had faith…we’re talking about AFL grand final here, what else…THE EAGLES ARE THE 2006 PREMIERS! Needless to say, yesterday I drank waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too many pale ales and when it came time to go home we caught a ride which meant I had to get out of bed this morning and trot over there to pick it up so that we could be at an open house at 11am. The night before in an alcohol induced stupor I had judged the distance to be about 5-7k, and this morning, dry in the mouth from dehydration on a cloudy, humid morning of about 26°C I trotted the 6.3km in 39mins…not bad I thought! Must still be flying high…

Great start to October!



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6 responses to “Oh What a Night!

  1. Ellie80

    woooooohoooooooo!!!!!!!! GO THE MIGHTY EAGLES!!!!!!! you will appreciate a special event on saturday night at lorna and tess’ birthday party everyone told me that sfgnome had a special present for me. he started taking his jumper off and i was like ‘what the???’ but he had his eagles jersey on!!!! yeeeahhhhaaaa!!!!!

  2. ewen

    It’s just a flag 😉

  3. 2P

    Swans were robbed 😉

    LOL ok the eagles deserved it – nice run BTW

  4. Hilda

    Meaning of life at the end of a marathon? That sounds inspiring!

    It is great you can have a high after a night like that, enjoy!

  5. Spark Driver

    It was good to see a close Grand Final after so many years.

  6. speedygeoff

    yes but better still were the real Eagles winning the SANFL. And I was in Elizabeth on the day watching it on tele. (For non-SA readers, Elizabeth is enemy territory)

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